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my journal is FRIENDS ONLY so if you want to be added just ask me If you don't like ryan cabrera or ashlee simpson don't bother asking to be my friend.

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hey my names danielle im 14 years old and I'm in the 8th grade. I'm homeschooled, and I really hate it! I'm obbsessed with ryan cabrera and ashlee simpson. I don't care if you don't like them and if you do, don't bring it up to me because you will not win! ♥

the layout was made by Megan.
But, my best friend gets all the credit for personalizing it and putting in my header and icon!!Caitlin

I've waited all my life, this is true
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Friends cut doneee<3 [10 Feb 2005|08:53pm]
[ (good)| mood ]

I have officialy done my friends cut
The People on this list have been cut for the following reasons♥
___artdamage -you never comment and i dont even remember who the hell you are.
__perished -same as above
_freekaleek_ -I dont even know when i added you
_so_little_time -never comment and didnt ask to be kept
alexroo -never comments and didnt ask to be kept
ashley9688 -i forget who you are
beckleychick07 -I think i just added you? I'm not sure so sorry but you didnt comment to be kept
brok3n_wingsx3 -same as above
bychik -you only take quizes and your posts are boring
crazy_aly -uh i dont remember adding you
hideaway07 -you didnt comment to be kept
iconsforsale -icon journal i left
howtragic__x -I love your username lol but you didnt comment to be kept and i dont think you ever update
krazierbelbaby -hmm dont remember you either
couldfly -you dont comment on my entries
lilmspunkrock -didnt ask to be kept and never comments
lipstikk_stainz -didnt ask to be kept and you barely comment
mizzmango -commented once and never updates
musicjunkie143 -I would love to keep you! So comment if you want to be added back.
n_rizo -didnt comment to be kept
peruvian_nena -Old journal
planttrees -Doesnt update
pogbumruddle -doesnt update after a spent forever fixing your journal :p
qhluver134 -same as above..NANTHAAAAA :)
sexyelektra -doesnt comment and you barely update
treasure___ -dont update or comment
veloptousturtle -dont update or comment
wicked___ -dont update or comment
xo_melz_ox -dont ever comment.
xo_tosh_tosh_ox -didnt ask to be kept :)
xxmemexx -old journal
your_time_2_fly -old journal

Please remove me from your lists if you do not want to be added back<3 If you do comment telling me why and I'll most likely do it<3
Congrats if you arent on this list<3

Friends who havent been cut please dont comment on this post. I have a special post after i finish this one<3
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[22 Dec 2004|01:31pm]
[ (intimidated) | mood ]

Credit for this friends only banner goes to _pieces_0f_me

This Journal is officaly friends only!!!!
>>Add me First
>>Comment to let me know that you added me
>>I'll add you back...if you're lucky ;)
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[19 Dec 2004|04:26pm]
[ (hungry) | mood ]
well its been about 2 or 3 days since i've last updated. and i had a great weekend so im gonna update. hehe. well lets see...

Friday: went to work with my dad..which was really fun. worked in the warehouse basicly the whole time. well all in all that was fun. then came home. and caite called me...asked if i wanted to go c a movie and i winded up going. we saw lemony snickets; a series of unfourtunate events and the movie was great. cept, they skipped LOTS but it was still good. caite lyk cut the circulation off in my wrist cuz she was holding my hand (she thought something was gonna pop out.. hahaha) and it lyk was bent a weird way. haha so it hurt to move it and stuff. but it only lasted for lyk 5-10 minutes. ne who, then her aunt drove us bak to my dads and caite spent the night. we were lyk dancing and listening to music downstairs. took some pics...posting a couple in here. yep. it was pretty awesome! then watched Mean girls and went to sleep.

Saturday: i think we woke up at lyk 10. yea. then got all ready and stuff. showers and all that "jazz". then left to new jersey (once again, my dads gf lives there) drove all cramped up in the bak of my dads mustang convert. yep. it was a lovely sight. we listened to Diana and Kelly the whole way there. haha. then when we got there me and caite read soemthing bout nick and jessica then we went to wendys to get some fooooodddd!! lol. at wendy's caite got WAYYYY to many straws so she started taking lyk a million straws and put them in her cup. and started drinking out of ALL OF THEM. hah it was funny. then i did the same thing. i had lyk 7 and i think caite did too..or more. lol i dont remember. then we left and went bak to dee's. decorated her tree. and then went "light crazy" and put up lyk a million lights in dee's apparment. haha. it was so fun. first we did the living room. then her bedroom then the hallway then the kitchen. haha it was cool. and it looked great. then we went online for a lil. then dee my dad and the boys went to go get food for dinner. so we stayed home alone and partied with the lights off ('cept for the x-mas lights) and we were lyk listening to kelly and diana. haha it was mucho fun. then we took my brothers skateboards and went around the house sitting/standing/laying on them. haha that was rele fun (haha caite...when you go over this it hurts ur boobs. lmao. thats just priceless<3333) then they came home. we watched mean girls while eating dinner then went into dee's room and made a music video. im not putting in on here for 2 reasons 1. i look lyk a fag. 2. i have no clue how. i tried to c if i could and it wasnt working. but it actually turned out pretty good. just the fact that i couldnt stop laughing especially when caite had to make it seem lyk she was yelling at me. haha. that was jsut great. then pretty much did that for lyk 2 hours. checked my e-mail. read the fucking anonymous poster's comment. which im almost positive i kno who it is...but omfg i was so pissed off that just put me in a bad mood. god fucking assholes. y do you ppl do this. i've never botherd you with anonymous posts. boo you whores. (lmfao) then left. listened to ryan cabrera the whole ride home cuz my brother and dad were listening to crappy music that i sometimes lyk but i just wansnt in the mood for it. brought caitlin home. we went home and i feel asleep watching tv. (which is strange normally i cant go to sleep with the tv on..odd i kno) then woke up for church and sunday school. which was alright. then a stupid cookie delivery (dont ask) its for confirmation. then came home helped my brother look for things on Bam Margera and then took a shower. and now i've been sitting here watching signs and working on alott of things. yep. now im gonna go clean my room, straighten my hair, and eat cuz im STARVING then go to my brothers thing at my church then go to the movies with tori and allie. yep.should b fun.

here's the pictures<3
PicturesCollapse )
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[16 Dec 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | why do i always wind up crying ]

im looking at pictures of ryan and ashlee. they're so cute together!
heres one of the many

awh<3 its so cute.
ewh. look at me..im so fucking lonely. im obsessing over a cleb. (ex) couple. yea, Ryan's Incredibly hot. but lyk...idk. i guess its cuz i miss someone i dont want to. and idk. im just a loser. :'( ah, sry. i should just keep this stuff to myself. no one understands how i feel anyway.

I am so going to see ashlee in concert!<3 no one is gonna stop me!! ♥ hehe :D

im just so not myself right now.
i really wanna talk to caitlin. I miss her! :(

I'm going to work with my dad tomorrow<3
yep, should b pretty awesome! ♥

Alright, im done
♥ ,

Why do I do this to myself?

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[15 Dec 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

omg loook!

Test your compatiblity with Ryan Cabrera
Physical -77%
Emotional -33%
Intellectual -88%

Total: -66%

AHHHHHH! OH MY GAHHHHH (hah, the jessica simpson way)

i rock. omg ryan...im so comming for you! <33333 x9987234698686
dude. just look at those results...i love you Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;D

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